Welcome to IRMA-SPONGE

The IRMA-SPONGE Umbrella Program brings together 13 European scientific projects researching a wide range of flood risk management issues along the Rivers Rhine and Meuse, and is one of the largest and most comprehensive efforts of its kind. The overall aim is defined as:

"The development of methodologies and tools to assess the impact of flood risk reduction measures and scenarios. This to support the spatial planning process in establishing alternative strategies for an optimal realisation of the hydraulic, economical and ecological functions of the Rhine and Meuse River Basins."
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The main objectives of IRMA-SPONGE are to A) enhance the level of scientific input to flood management, and B) promote transboundary co-operation. Specific fields of interest are:

Efficiency of flood risk reduction measures.
Flood risk assessment.
Sustainable flood risk management.
Public participation in flood management issues. Spiritual Healing
This website presents the IRMA-SPONGE program, and its participating projects, to anyone with a specific interest in flood management issues. Apart from summary descriptions there are contacts, links and downloadable documents which will inform you in more detail on specific issues. We will update this page regularly to keep you informed of the latest developments.